**Extremely Important Information**

This is very important to read ALL OF this..

All programs you join that have downline builders in
them, make sure to READ the instructions..They all
work differently, do not assume they work the same.
Otherwise you will lose referrals and commissions!!

Like here at YourEightSteps, you only put your id or
username in the blank field next to the banners
in the downline builders not the whole link..

Example: http://www.trafficwitch.com/?rid=3142 this is
my referral url for TrafficWitch, the number at the
end is my id 3142 this is what I would enter in the
empty field next to the traffic witch banner in the traffic
exchanges downline builder. Sometimes the id will be
your username instead and not a number.

So make sure in our YourEightSteps
downline builders you have entered
only your usernames or ids. We dont want you losing
out on commissions or referrals because you didnt fill
in the downline builders correctly.

Log in and check yours. http://youreightsteps.com

Watch this short video if you are still unsure what we
mean, and finish reading the rest below, more
EXTREMELY important information..

Now Also most of you know we just launched the GVO Team
Builder, this program builds your downline in GVO and
Pureleverage on autopilot. It also uses a
downline builder…

And Brenda went in the database of the GVO Team
Builder today, and 5
people entered their ids or username only…See now
this downline builder for the GVO team builder uses a
different script, so you must enter your WHOLE
for each program in the empty field
next to each banner.

Now those 5 people can thank Brenda because she fixed
it for them, otherwise if she had not, you would have
not received any referrals into Pureleverage or

This is why it is SO CRITICAL, to never assume
anything online, and you take the time to read the
instructions…This is why some people do not get
results marketing online, they skip past critical

Dont do that, you will miss out!

So on the last note, if you have not joined the new
GVO Team Builder yet, you really should, it is a
no-brainer..This is something you should do
immediately, right after you Log in and check to make
sure in Youreightsteps you only entered your referral
ids or username and not the whole link in the downline

So if you are not a member yet of GVO or PureLeverage
I highly suggest you get signed up first under your
sponsor immediately in the steps, this is totally
going to kick *ss!!!! We want to keep downline
integrity, so log in http://youreightsteps.com then
once logged in click on this link from this post
http://youreightsteps.com/members.php?page=step3b and
join GVO under your sponsor in YourEightSteps.

Then join Pureleverage from your back office in GVO,
there is a one click sign up process from the left
hand side menu in GVO. But as of right now, there is
not the same one click sign up from PureLeverage for

So if you are already a member of PureLeverage, you
need to send in a support ticket, and ask to have
GVO’S hostthenprofit added to your PureLeverage
account. You send this support ticket inside your
PureLeverage back office, you do not send me this
support ticket. We do not own GVO or Pureleverage.

**Find The New Site Here: Now click on the
Downline_Builder tab at the top once logged into
YourEightSteps then click on recommended programs, it
is the last program on this page, get signed up under
your sponsor in the NEW GVO Team Builder…

And just follow the instructions, and we will drive
traffic for you and help you build your downline in
Pureleverage and GVO.

Together, strong, unified as a TEAM we all win!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

The Biggest Team Build Ever!!

Almost done…TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

We are getting close to launching our new site, that will put people into your downline in GVO, PureLeverage, YourEightSteps..on complete autopilot..totally hands free!

So if you are not a member yet of GVO or PureLeverage I highly suggest you get signed up under your sponsor immediately, this is totally going to kick *ss!!!!

We are going to put your name in lights!!

YourEightStep members will get first shot at this..Do not hesitate..Together we will win!

Make sure to sign up to GVO first from the sign up link in YourEightSteps downline_builder,
then you will join PureLeverage by clicking a button on the left hand
side near the top in your GVO members area.
GVO has a one click sign up to PureLeverage,
but as of right now, there is not the same one click
sign up from PureLeverage for GVO.

And if you are already
a member of PureLeverage, you need to send in a support ticket,
and ask to have GVO’S hostthenprofit added to your PureLeverage account.
You do not want to miss this..

You Have In Your Hands One Of The Biggest And Best Opportunities Of Your Life!!

We will be launching it very soon, in the next day or two, and Youreightsteps members get first dibbs!!

Hint: I am going to help you build your business, with my own traffic, plus+++++

We are going to kill this together!

Just have a little faith and believe in me, and I will help you finally win!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

One Skill..YOU should learn, could TRIPLE your Results!

Pureleverage, and Gvo have always been part of the
steps, and both programs offer many tools that are
essential to building your business. One of those
tools is web hosting you get with your GVO account
which is also part of path 2 now, and is now in the
income downline builder.

Web hosting allows you to do many things online, that
without it you would never be able to do, like host
images, web pages, websites, splash pages, squeeze
pages etc..It is fundamentally necessary to build a
successful business online. Without it, I would not be
where I am today personally, and believe I can safely
say the same as well for Brenda. Because number one
you can not be very creative without it, number two,
you are missing out on the best way to brand yourself
and change your advertising at will. The best branding
I ever created was branding my own name, which is the
domain I use to host all my squeeze pages I create and
these are the pages that most of you see me advertise,
because I have hosting at GVO. Through branding
yourself, when someone runs across your name, they can
go and do a search in the search engines and type in
your name, and if you have secured your own name as a
domain, they will find you, or your business. I can
not stress this enough, everyone should own their name
as a domain.

So with that all being said, our good friend and
fellow YourEightStep Team member Carol Walczak just
released her new ebook: How To Make and Host Your Own
Splash And Squeeze Pages.

And this is exactly what we want people to know how to
do in YourEightSteps, because anytime then you can
change your squeeze page, or page that is not
converting well, no problem just create a new page.
Carol explains this extremely well and makes it simple
with her new ebook.

It is a must for any marketer! This is one of things
that over the years has helped double and triple my
income, changing my squeeze pages at will and knowing
how to do this.

And this ebook is easy to understand information,
totally explained.

Even if you already know how to create and host your
own pages, still grab a copy, because it’s

This is perfect to help anyone make more money online.
Something we do not hesitate to recommend.

So it is added to the recommended programs downline
builder as well and step 7 in path 1, and step 8 in
path 2. So dont delay log into
http://youreightsteps.com and get your own copy and you
will be making your own pages lickity split!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
P.S. Remember we promote for our YourEightSteps Team, we send these emails to your downline on your behalf, so make sure and take action when we send these to you. We are working tirelessly to put your name in lights! We are building our business together…If you do not follow our instructions you are missing automated referrals and commissions.

Are You On The YourEightSteps Team Yet??

You can either be in the parade of life, or watch it
go by..

Its Your Choice..So do you want to be on the YourEightSteps team?
Here is what you need to do, is log in
http://youreightsteps.com ,
then make sure your are committed to following the
steps and you are upgraded.

Then start taking daily action, and start working
towards your online goals. You have everything you
need to be wildly successful online inside of
YourEightSteps, you just need to get 100% fully
committed to the process, and start using all the
resources we have for you.

We have a vision for YourEightSteps and wanting to
leave no one behind, and help people reach their
financial goals online. This is why we have created
the two paths, so anyone regardless of their situation
can learn to properly market online, and reach their

We will be here to support you throughout the journey,
that is our commitment to you, now you just have to
make sure you are ready to do whatever it takes! We
want you to win.

I can see the time when we have many people on top of
the leader boards in Pureleverage, GVO and Empower
Network…People making thousands of dollars a month
from just one of the programs inside YourEightsteps. I
have been on some of these leader boards my self in
the past, and now its YOUR TURN. If I can make money
online, believe me anyone can. Brenda says my Tech
skills are like that of a ham sandwhich..lol…and I
still type with only two fingers..Just goes to show
you if the dream is big enough the facts do not count!

We build our list the same as you, we use the
resources in YourEightSteps, and promote our referral
url the same as you, we build our own businesses
exactly the way we teach you to.

And We have downline integrity, we help promote to
your referrals on your behalf, we have no outside
advertising on our site, we never send links in our
emails for other programs or products, we are not
interested in stealing your referrals, or confusing
them. No system online provides what we do.

“WE are building YourEightSteps as a team” And
Together we will win!

I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I
defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team,
not the individual, is the ultimate champion.

Only when YOUR NAME is in lights will we win!

We are a 100% committed to your success…We have been
working diligently on making YourEightSteps the best
online system the internet has ever seen!

We will continue to strive to make it even better.

The YourEightSteps Team members will be on top of the
leader boards, this is guaranteed to happen, the only
question left is do you want to be one of them?

YourEightSteps Team members are the committed ones,
you see their names and faces everywhere, they are
true leaders who are willing to do what ever it takes
to succeed! We are very proud of our members, and are
very glad to have each and every one of you on The
YourEightSteps Team.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

GO…GO…GO…The New Pages Are Live!!

The New Paths and pages are live… We have two paths now you can take in YourEightSteps, you choose based on your own circumstances, we have tried to make sure, no one is left behind and made it completely brain dead simple!

Need proof the Youreightsteps system works?

The importance on building your list has not changed, so we made it even simpler for anybody to get started, no matter where you are at in life. You now have the option of using Pureleverage or GVO in the direct set up, depending on which path you choose. And for those of you looking to grow your income very fast, it is recommended that you are a member of both Pureleverage and GVO and have your ids in the income downline builder for both. Reason being your referrals could take either path it is now up to them.

This will do two things, increase conversion, money in your pocket, and help all your downline get started off on the right foot straight away. The system is designed with everyone in mind, to try and help as many people as possible get started quickly and get rid of the small obstacles in their way.

The other thing about GVO and Pureleverage is they both build the same income stream, because Pureleverage is a product of GVO, they just offer other tools each and have different price points. Which allows to reach more people to fit different budgets.

Go log in http://youreightsteps.com and see the all new system set up and get ready….

ITS now time to kick this system in overdrive and pump out the cash!

Start your path today, follow the steps, and get strapped in for one hell of a ride, we are going to make 2014 better, smarter and faster for everyone involved!

Until Next Time, Your Friend And Partners


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

How To Sky Rocket Your Commissions This Holiday Season

Hello, And Happy Winter..lol, well at least here in Northern Minnesota its cold!!! 35 below last night. Tonight is suppose to be 17 below 0.

Tonight We Just wanted to make members aware of a promotion from one of our main income programs in YourEightSteps….Because its a big one! Pureleverage has an affiliate contest that just started and Joel is paying $500 daily to the winner each day!

Basically here is how it works.
This contest is set on the person who brings in the most
resellers on a day basis.

Here are the rules:

1. There is only one winner per day. The top reseller for the day. However
you can win as many times as you want!

2. The minimum resellers is 4 per day. So basically the company collects
$19.97 x 4= $79.88 but he will pay out $500 WOW!! Again paid daily
to your payoneer card. (If you win on the weekend they will pay you Monday 🙂

And I believe the last three winners only had four each. So anyone can win..

So Does YourEightSteps Work To Build Downline In PureLeverage?

This is a screen shot of my inbox of the weekly payments I receive.

Also as a team, this should be a program that we all focus on, and make sure to convey to our downline the importance of joining. This is truly a fabulous program that pays HUGE commissions! And Joel is always incenticizing ways for us to make even more money..He always over pays..

So as a team in YourEightSteps all 4100 plus members, can you imagine the income growth for all of us if everyone joined??

So you should really get on board, log in http://youreightsteps.com and go to steps 1-3 and join under your sponsor with the dollar trial, then set up your campaign and start building your list(we provide you full instructions).

And here is an email swipe you can use to send to your list or send in safelist.

Subject: How To Sky Rocket Your Commissions This Holiday Season


Want to make 100% commissions for LIFE?

There is no way PureLeverage is slowing down!

>>>> When They launched, They paid their first million dollars
in commissions in 18 days.. !

>>>> In April they gave away a $200 000 Ferrari F430 Spyder!

>>>> In May they gave away some AWESOME Dream Vacations to
Club Med Punta Cana Dominican Republic!

>>> They have given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash
and prizes.. and now nearly $15 MILLION dollars in commissions since

>>>>And Now They are giving away $500.00 A day to the top reseller each day,
make some quick cash before Christmas!
>>>>Your Link for pureleverage<<<<<

Get your risk free $1.00 trial right now!

Yes.. Pureleverage is new and is exploding but the best part
is it is backed by a nearly 15 year old company financially called GVO.

So even though it is the newest and by far the most amazing opportunity
on the planet… you can be sure that when you put your efforts into this company
they will be around for the long haul.

Which means totally amazing residual and passive income for life!!

The company is paying out an unheard of 100% commission on real
products that every person needs online..

>> 100% commissions on our auto responder (worth the value alone)
>> 100% commissions on our blogging platform
>> 100% commissions on our video email service
>> 100% commissions on our lead capture system
>> 100% commissions on our conference software!
>> 100% commissions on our coaching program!

These are products that everyone needs EVERYONE which
makes them “sticky”, meaning people use them and you get
paid a lifetime on them!!

What are you waiting for? Start making 100% commissions today. Click Here!

>>>>Your Link for pureleverage<<<<<


Unlike other companies, we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back
guarantee. So if you are not completely in love with this company (like I am)
you can get a full refund with no questions asked!

Get your risk free $1.00 trial right now!

See you in the members area!


(Your Name)

Stay warm everyone
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
Ps.Video from yesterday if you missed it, well really audio..

Mark Your Calender For Nov 1st….VERY Important!

Its time to get excited! Make sure to read the whole email, vital info, we left something out from the get together today..oops

YES November 1st, this will be an epic day!

November first we are launching our first ever referral contest, we will be giving away over $550.00 in cash prizes. We will be having two categories. One for most referrals and one for most upgraded referrals. There will be 20 winners in all.

And you can win in both categories..and no me and Brenda do not count, you will not be competing against us.

Secondly you have until November 1st to get upgraded at the $59.95 onetime payment.

On November 1st the upgrade will increase to $97.00 onetime payment or $9.97 monthly…So log in http://youreightsteps.com and get upgraded now.

Pro members get 50% commissions, versus free only get 10% here is the difference. A pro member would make $48.50 off the new $97.00 onetime payment. A free member would make $9.70. Plus now with the monthly you will make residuals. November 1st is going to be an epic day!!

Also we have implemented a new plug in that allows us to send your link in our emails to your downline for ANY AND ALL of the programs inside YouEightSteps. Yep you read that right..So now its even more important to get ALL OF YOUR SYSTEM SET UP, because if you do not have your id in place in one of the programs, your referral will pass you up for that program.

Can you say holy sh#t!!

Yes, we are entering the busiest time of year online, we are absolutely going to blow this system up!!! Get on board and start taking massive action, and make your holiday season your best ever!

Lastly we did a get together on spreecast, had some glitches with it, spreecast was not working properly, finally got the dead air time edited out, so please watch this replay now. http://www.spreecast.com/events/youreightsteps1 It still maybe a little glitchy in the beginning first couple minutes.

Our next get together will be on our Pureleverage conference room that you get when you are a member there. And the contest page is live in the members area.

Get Ready for the YourEightSteps Explosion!!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

**Very Important** New Splash And Squeeze Pages

Hello everyone, I am super excited..There is not a better time to be building an internet business then now!

With the emergence of 100% payout programs Empower Network and Pureleverage, they are blazing new and bountiful trails, its absolutely awesome! People are making more money ten times as fast, without having to make their own products or having to create everything, the done for you aspects of these two programs are incredible…Empower Network and Pureleverage are about to go into super sonic over drive with there latest additions coming out!

And speaking of done for you, we have some wonderful, awesome, and exciting new pages for you..

For pro members we have created a new funnel complete for building your list. You can find these new pages by clicking on the pro squeeze page tab..Here is what they look like, you will have to set up your autoresponder code with them.


This first page above goes to the index page like normal, but this one here:

You will set up to go here, this is the landing page(we have made this landing page available for everyone)You will also need to upload your photo in step 4 for this one, if you have not already:

And for all members we have created another splash page for you, you can brand this one by uploading your picture in step 4:

We keep working hard creating, to make your job easier and help you make the most money possible!

So log in now http://youreightsteps.com and take advantage of the new pages we have created for you, we made these pages with very specific intent, to focus in on more conversions for you..

**Two email Swipes below

Have an awesome day!!!
Do not hesitate to give us a shout if you have any questions, or connect with us in the skype group.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

P.S. Email swipes for you..

1. Pro Member swipe for the new funnel

Subject: *Alert* You’ve Been Lied To About Making Money Online!

Email Body:

This is something you seriously NEED to know..
If there is one thing you do today, at least watch these videos
and learn the truth..
Are You Still Promoting Products Or Programs With Less
Than $20 Commissions??

You Are Going To Make Thousands Right..
It Will Never Happen!

You need A System That Has Programs And Products In It,
That Pay Decent Commissions…$25, $50, $100, $250, $500.

Unless You Think You Can Put 1000 people into a program any time soon…
Good Luck, I have Been Doing This a while now.

There Is A Reason Empower Network Has Paid Out Over 60 Million in Commissions in two years,
And PureLeverage Has Paid Out Over 1 Million In There First 18 days alone!!
Watch These Videos Now..And Get The Truth!


2. Email swipe for everyone

Subject: Your Downline Is Safe With Us..We Wont Steal Them

Email Body:

What does this mean for you?

We will NEVER email your downline with our links!

We have downline integrity, in every email we
send, we will tell you and your downline to log
in and join the program from the downline builder
under your sponsor, so that you get the direct
referral and commissions, not us!

Your Eight Steps is a professional traffic
exchange and internet marketing system, that
includes powerful splash pages, opt-in pages,
follow up email letters and more to easily build
your list and generate highly targeted leads for
your business with traffic exchanges, safelists
and other free traffic sources.

We build our business the same exact way you do,
by advertising our own affiliate links. We
understand how difficult internet marketing can
be..and we are on your side…This is why Your
Eight Steps is so different…

We do not send our affiliate links to your
downline (this is why we build our own list), you
work hard and we want you to win with us…not
for us!!


We promote to your downline for you…


P.S. Another thing you will not see in Your Eight
Steps is outside advertising for other programs
in the members area. ALL programs are in one of
the downline builders, so YOU CAN EARN FROM THEM.

This is why it is called “YOUR Eight Steps”


Something VERY BIG is coming..And Is Here..Are You Ready?

I just got off a live webinar, and I am so excited, more excited then I have been about any launch..well I should say relaunch..this program has already paid out now over $70,000,000.00 to their affiliates! There is not to many programs that have had this kind of success in their first 2 years..

Relaunch to these guys is just making what already is one of the greatest opportunities online, and taking it up ten notches!!

The relaunch has just begun..

And In just a few weeks, the full “Blog Beast” will be totally unleashed,
and when it does…

…blogging and marketing will never be the same again.

With over a year of development, dozens of some of the smartest
people working around the clock, and millions of dollars invested –

…the “Blog Beast” is expected to take the Internet by storm…literally, you think you see Empower Network a lot now..You have not seen nothing yet!

Right now, you’re in the right place at the right time. Get
ready – spread the word – and prepare for a tidal wave to hit.

If you become an affiliate of Empower Network you have the
opportunity to take part in what will be the largest product
launch of it’s kind in internet history,

… and if you become a customer, prepare for a blogging
experience unlike anything else that exists. No blogging platform can touch this new one they are launching…

It’s time to turn your Beast Mode: ON

Seriously you do not want to miss this…

Log in RIGHT now http://youreightsteps.com go to step 5 and join Empower Network under your sponsor, then go to the downline builders tab and put in your username so your referrals in YourEightSteps can follow you into one of the greatest products and programs that exist for the average person to finally make it!!

We stand behind you 110%, and remember we help you promote, we never send our own links to your referrals, ever!

There are many, many, many, many, many reasons why Empower Network, and Pureleverage are in our system…The most important is they over deliver in every way shape and form..Do not delay..

Start Changing your future now!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Thanks For The Commissions!!

Who ever your sponsor is in YourEightSteps is thanking you every time we send out an email..Why?

Because some of you have have referrals in YourEightSteps, but you do not have all your ids or usernames in place in the downline builders, some of you have actually referred pro members, and your not a pro member yourself…So not only did you lose out on bigger direct commissions from that, you also passed up commissions for Empower Network And Pureleverage…

Actually many of you have passed up some VERY HEALTHY COMMISSIONS…And I am not kidding

And your sponsor who ever that may be, is thanking you BIG TIME!!!

So you might want to get all the way committed and stop losing out..and for petes sake at least join all the free programs before you start referring people…Every program in YourEightSteps pays commissions!

We hate seeing people lose out, this is why we always talk about taking action, almost every email we send, we implore you to take action..

This is how you become successful online, by being committed and taking action every day..

And remember we never send our own links in emails, we promote for you, we are one of the very few programs online that have downline integrity, but if you do not have all your ids in place they will pass up in that program to your sponsor.

So log in http://youreightsteps.com and get committed to your future and quit passing up commissions..

To Your Success
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus