1 more mailer added and tons of bonuses (no it doesn’t stop!)

WOW! That’s all I can say… well almost…
otherwise it would be a very short email:-)

We added some programs this week and just added 1
more mailer so first of all… go log in and put
in you id’s! Don’t lose out on referrals and


And then the most fun part…

We already added a ton of new pro member bonuses
this week, but wait… there’s more! We just
added another 3 for you. Many thanks to Klaus
Biesel and Janid Inayat for these!

So if you are an upgraded member, go log in and
go to the Pro Member Bonuses Tab to see what they
are (don’t you love surprises;-)).


If you’re not yet upgraded… How many reasons do
you need?

Our upgrade will get you:

– 50 percent commissions on referral upgrades
(that’s up to 73.50 USD on every upgraded
referral you bring in)

– Rebrand the entire site!

– multiple download-able products with master
resell rights!

– extra squeeze pages for pro members only

– Special discounted traffic deals and upgrades!

Right now we have a whopping 38 bonuses for our
pro members, which include discounts on upgrades
and loads of free credits and ads in the programs
included in Your Eight Steps. And we have more

These bonuses alone are worth WAY more than the
upgrade fee.

We are constantly striving to create more value
for our members!

To YOUR Success,

Brenda de Reus & Richard Weberg

P.S. Don’t forget to fill in your id’s!

P.P.S. I think I ran out of exclamation marks…