**YourEightSteps Update** Program Changes..Act Immediately!

First off, thank you to all members who are promoting YourEightSteps, we are kicking butt!!

YourEightSteps is building faster then ever, and its only going to grow even faster, we are still only just getting started..We are working hard behind the scenes and in the trenches for you and with you.

Today we have two important changes…Act immediately so you do not lose sign ups and commissions.

1. We took out high-hits in step number one and have replaced it with hitsafari, Its one of the very first traffic exchanges I ever joined years ago, and is still rocking and creating mad conversions..

2. We took out fox emails in step number 6 and replaced it with Email traffic list, again conversions here are excellent as well, and make sure to watch out for the kick butt oto (one time offer)!! You do not want to miss this..

So log into http://youreightsteps.com  join and get your ids in place immediately, so your downline can follow you into these two incredible programs.

We promote for you, we never send our own affiliate links to your downline, so act fast, so your downline can follow you..

Watch for our emails and post closely, so you do not miss our next updates..Some more exciting stuff is coming very soon!

We post updates regularly on our blog, skype and facebook page as well to make sure you are informed and your questions get answered.



P.S. You can join our skype group from the members homepage, otherwise add me to skype: richard.weberg  and send me a note to add you.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus