YourEightSteps More Highly Valuable Updates!

Yes, we are still flying along, things are really rock’in..

We are building more income and traffic at lightning speed..just follow the steps, We can not stress this enough, do not recreate the wheel.

If your not upgraded in youreightsteps, you want to do so immediately before we raise the price again. Just the pro member bonuses alone that we just added are worth more than the the onetime fee we charge of 59.97. All pro members please log in and go to the pro member bonuses tab at the top to get all of the new bonuses..These bonuses add up to thousands of views to your offers..and we will be adding more very soon.

Oh and I almost forgot, Brenda has added two more custom splash pages for us as well to the affiliate toolbox, and she has made it easier to ad your photo, you can now just browse your computer for your pictures.

2013 will be your year, if you have not started the steps yet log in and start today..

Also please go give us some love on our brand new facebook support page, we work hard so you do not have to, we are constantly striving to bring our members the best marketing materials and easiest ever to follow system.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus