January Leader Board Results, Congrats Everyone!

It is Monthly Leader Board Time again, and here are the leaders for the month of January, we reset this board every 1st of the month (well sometimes a few days late, lol). Congrats to all members, Mario and Chris are tearing it up!! Way to go…We appreciate you all for promoting, we have the best team members in the world of internet marketing!! Mr Ben Baily has been inching higher and higher as well, way to go Ben…Again thank you everyone..

January Leader board

Member Name Referrals
Mario Salerno 84
Chris Elsom 72
Richard Weberg 44
Ben Bailey 33
Dan Watson 27
Seely ClarkIV 19
John Bell 18
Audrey Sorg 18
Gloria Moore 18
Ronald Young 14
Barbara Arbster 13
Miguel Rodrigues 12
Stanislaw Ziolkowski 10
Brenda deReus 9
Sam Falcone 8
Robert Hurd 7
Join Silver 7
Steve Laycock 7
bruce rohrer 6
Marcy McManaway 6
Paul Yeager 5
Ryan Hartman 5
Marian Hornjak 4
Ronald Miesner 4
Nick Hankey 4
Joseph Cheek 3
Mark Stevens 3
Neels Conradie 3
David Todd 3
Mark Barton 3
Wim Saelmans 2
Robbie Charlton 2
Bo Tipton 2
Paul Kinder 2
Lydia Ridgeway 2
Jakob Wezelenburg 2
Carol Walczak 2
john worsham 2
Ray Wizard 1
Dennis Snelgar 1
John Glover 1
Rob Gehring 1
Sandra Tibble 1
Richard Hobart 1
Beth Charron 1
David Jackson 1
Ronald Kennedy 1
Frances Buchanan 1
HariCharan Majhi 1
william Pitchford 1
Eldin Sadikovic 1
Alan Williams 1
Dennis Cochran 1
Karri DaltonHull 1
radmila hukic 1
Pavel Shtelmakh 1
Digokgwe Mokone 1
ancilla sullivan 1
Lynn Stevens 1
Ted KazmirekJr 1
Francisco Gomes 1
Harry Harrison 1
Gini Bond 1
Doug Ravish 1
Marcus Clayton 1

You guys and gals rock!

To your success and happiness
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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