**Extremely Important Information**

This is very important to read ALL OF this..

All programs you join that have downline builders in
them, make sure to READ the instructions..They all
work differently, do not assume they work the same.
Otherwise you will lose referrals and commissions!!

Like here at YourEightSteps, you only put your id or
username in the blank field next to the banners
in the downline builders not the whole link..

Example: http://www.trafficwitch.com/?rid=3142 this is
my referral url for TrafficWitch, the number at the
end is my id 3142 this is what I would enter in the
empty field next to the traffic witch banner in the traffic
exchanges downline builder. Sometimes the id will be
your username instead and not a number.

So make sure in our YourEightSteps
downline builders you have entered
only your usernames or ids. We dont want you losing
out on commissions or referrals because you didnt fill
in the downline builders correctly.

Log in and check yours. http://youreightsteps.com

Watch this short video if you are still unsure what we
mean, and finish reading the rest below, more
EXTREMELY important information..

Now Also most of you know we just launched the GVO Team
Builder, this program builds your downline in GVO and
Pureleverage on autopilot. It also uses a
downline builder…

And Brenda went in the database of the GVO Team
Builder today, and 5
people entered their ids or username only…See now
this downline builder for the GVO team builder uses a
different script, so you must enter your WHOLE
for each program in the empty field
next to each banner.

Now those 5 people can thank Brenda because she fixed
it for them, otherwise if she had not, you would have
not received any referrals into Pureleverage or

This is why it is SO CRITICAL, to never assume
anything online, and you take the time to read the
instructions…This is why some people do not get
results marketing online, they skip past critical

Dont do that, you will miss out!

So on the last note, if you have not joined the new
GVO Team Builder yet, you really should, it is a
no-brainer..This is something you should do
immediately, right after you Log in and check to make
sure in Youreightsteps you only entered your referral
ids or username and not the whole link in the downline

So if you are not a member yet of GVO or PureLeverage
I highly suggest you get signed up first under your
sponsor immediately in the steps, this is totally
going to kick *ss!!!! We want to keep downline
integrity, so log in http://youreightsteps.com then
once logged in click on this link from this post
http://youreightsteps.com/members.php?page=step3b and
join GVO under your sponsor in YourEightSteps.

Then join Pureleverage from your back office in GVO,
there is a one click sign up process from the left
hand side menu in GVO. But as of right now, there is
not the same one click sign up from PureLeverage for

So if you are already a member of PureLeverage, you
need to send in a support ticket, and ask to have
GVO’S hostthenprofit added to your PureLeverage
account. You send this support ticket inside your
PureLeverage back office, you do not send me this
support ticket. We do not own GVO or Pureleverage.

**Find The New Site Here: Now click on the
Downline_Builder tab at the top once logged into
YourEightSteps then click on recommended programs, it
is the last program on this page, get signed up under
your sponsor in the NEW GVO Team Builder…

And just follow the instructions, and we will drive
traffic for you and help you build your downline in
Pureleverage and GVO.

Together, strong, unified as a TEAM we all win!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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