Are You Willing To Put Some Skin In The Game..?

Hello Everyone,

We hope you all are doing well. As for Brenda
and I we are currently working on split testing two
different index pages for YourEightSteps..

We are always looking for ways to drive conversion
higher, this is very important to us. I am also
working on creating a backwards funnel, so I can
further test a new lead in system to Youreightsteps,
where the leads actually come into Youreightsteps
through using Pureleverage first..Cant wait to test it
out, am almost done…

So with that said we are always looking for ways to
improve our YourEightSteps marketing system and help
others make more money faster..

But…..I wanted to share something with you, that
really got me thinking a few minutes ago.

I often go back to the days I was just getting started
and think about the programs I gave up on and the
programs I stuck with.

What I have realized and what I have seen in so many
aspiring entrepreneurs, is that when you put some skin
in the game, in the form of money, you don’t quit.

You see investing, in my opinion, less than $500 in
your business doesn’t really put much skin in the
game. Once you get frustrated or you find that you are
not getting results, then chalking that money up to a
learning experience is easy to do and easy for you to
just quit and find something else or walk away..And
when you do that, you keep repeating the same pattern,
you never really do get committed to anything..Hence
your never successful with online marketing.

Think about that…..for a moment in your own life.

But, when you invest over 500 dollars or up to 100k
into a business, like I have, you don’t walk away from
it because of frustration or lack of results. The risk
of losing that is too high, you keep adjusting and
testing and make it work or die trying!!

I know for myself, if I am going to pony up big money
I better make the business work or I am out that money!

You follow me on that?

People who take on the mindset of just investing what
they can easily lose, will most likely fail when
obstacles and frustration come their way.

But, when people invest money they can’t afford to
lose, they find a way to succeed, by moving mountains
to make their business work.

So with that said……give that some thought?

I know for Brenda and I we always are investing in our
business, its the number one reason we get great
results..We have moved mountains after we went all in
to make it work and let me say this… has been
very profitable.

ALL great opportunities online, will definitely not be
free, there is no money to be made when something is
free, and the people who have been the most successful
with YourEightSteps have the most invested..

Why…? Because they are invested in them selves and
their business, they are not expecting to lose, they
are expecting to win!!

Ask yourself this..How does a successful person act?

What questions do they ask themselves?

See I never ask how much is this product going to cost
me, I look at the upside, how much is this product
going to make me, and what strategy can I use to make
the most money possible in the shortest amount of
time? Just like when I was at the Pureleverage
conference, and they explained to us about Leverage
Live and that it would be launching soon, they had a
table where you could go purchase your ticket and be
the first to sell the product..So what did I do, I
realized the opportunity, and immediately went and
purchased my ticket so I could sell it..Because I
asked the right questions..

Your mindset, and how you perceive opportunity is one
of the biggest assets you have..

This is the one biggest single things that holds most
of you back, you look at an autoresponder as a cost,
we look at it as opportunity to build our list, you
look at traffic as a cost, we look at it as more sales
faster, you look at webhosting as something you dont
want to figure out, we look at is as a necessity we
cant market online with out, we have to have it to
increase our profits..

See when you get your mindset and thinking right,
there will be nothing that can stop you, your brain
will storm with ideas, no obstacle will get in you

What separates each level of success online, is that
the person at the higher level..Has more to lose! Its
not that they were smarter, taller, more well spoken,
or more tech savy, it is truly their level of
commitment they have to achieving their goals and
dreams period!

Well Hope you enjoyed this food for thought….

I need to get back to work creating some videos for my
backwards funnel:)

Talk soon,
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
Action takers are income makers!

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