YourEightSteps Activation Emails And Contest Update

Well, we have manually activated anyone that has sent us a support ticket that could not log in. Sometimes confirmation emails get lost in the stratosphere…Unfortunately we can not control what Google or Yahoo etc, do with them. (one thing that will help, is make sure to check any email from us as not spam, if it goes into your spam folder)

We have added a support feature where people go to log in, so they can contact us if they have any problem, and we will take care of the not receiving the verification email and we will manually verify their account for them if we need to.

So for those of you who have been waiting for the verification email, you should now be able to go and log in here:

If you have any problem send us an email, from the log in page.

Also if you have not started the steps, you are really missing out, YourEightSteps is absolutely Rocking!! Conversion into the programs in the downline builder is off the charts and upgrades are flying in!

Now truly is the time to get started and build your income and make your holiday season the best ever!

We have 37 upgrades left at the $67 onetime lifetime price, then its going up to $97, we do not expect these 37 left to be there much longer, so go now and get upgraded and save yourself some money….Before they are gone!

Take action, take advantage of our help, we want you to absolutely win, and will be here to help you achieve this, we have downline integrity, your downlines are safe with us, we will not steal them, we do not send them our own links, we are here to build this together!

Also go check out the leader board on the contest page, your name could be on it, all numbers have to be manually verified…

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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