The Biggest Team Build Ever..Is Launching Now!!

GVO Team Builder is Ready to Rock…Its Live…TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

**Read this entire Post**

You do not want to miss out on this…

GVO TEAM builder will put people into your
downline in GVO, PureLeverage, YourEightSteps..On
complete autopilot..totally hands free!

So if you are not a member yet of GVO or
PureLeverage I highly suggest you get signed up
first under your sponsor immediately in the
steps, this is totally going to kick *ss!!!! We
want to keep downline integrity, so log in then once logged in
click on this link from this post
and join GVO under your sponsor in

Then join Pureleverage from your back office in
GVO, there is a one click sign up process from
the left hand side menu in GVO. But as of right
now, there is not the same one click sign up from
PureLeverage for GVO.

So if you are already a member of PureLeverage,
you need to send in a support ticket, and ask to
have GVO’S hostthenprofit added to your
PureLeverage account. You send this support
ticket inside your PureLeverage back office, you
do not send me this support ticket. We do not own
GVO or Pureleverage.

We are going to put your name in lights!!

YourEightStep members get first shot at this..Do
not hesitate..Together we will win! I will be
launching a all out assault of traffic starting
today, and sending it to the rotator link of the
new site, you can see the traffic in real time as
I start sending it, on the middle of the page on
the new site. This rotator link rotates every
members id for the new GVO team builder.

You Have In Your Hands One Of The Biggest And
Best Opportunities Of Your Life!!

We are going to kill this together!

And remember I will be sending my own traffic
here as well to the main rotator link.

Just have a little faith and believe in me, and
we will help you finally win!

**Find The New Site Here:
Now go to the
recommended programs downline builder in
Youreightsteps and get signed up under your
sponsor in the NEW GVO Team Builder….

Do not hesitate, you will wish you had followed
these instructions…

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

2 thoughts on “The Biggest Team Build Ever..Is Launching Now!!

  1. Hey, I have an additional question:

    Is your system competing or complementing Pure Leverage?
    I am member of PL, If you complement it, would be highly appreciated.
    e.g. you offer also to promote , also PL products?
    You do that also for members of th 8steps?


    • Our system helps you build your downline in Pureleverage and GVO, and we teach people how to build their list and properly market online. And you can already be a member of either program..

      Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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