Thanks For The Commissions!!

Who ever your sponsor is in YourEightSteps is thanking you every time we send out an email..Why?

Because some of you have have referrals in YourEightSteps, but you do not have all your ids or usernames in place in the downline builders, some of you have actually referred pro members, and your not a pro member yourself…So not only did you lose out on bigger direct commissions from that, you also passed up commissions for Empower Network And Pureleverage…

Actually many of you have passed up some VERY HEALTHY COMMISSIONS…And I am not kidding

And your sponsor who ever that may be, is thanking you BIG TIME!!!

So you might want to get all the way committed and stop losing out..and for petes sake at least join all the free programs before you start referring people…Every program in YourEightSteps pays commissions!

We hate seeing people lose out, this is why we always talk about taking action, almost every email we send, we implore you to take action..

This is how you become successful online, by being committed and taking action every day..

And remember we never send our own links in emails, we promote for you, we are one of the very few programs online that have downline integrity, but if you do not have all your ids in place they will pass up in that program to your sponsor.

So log in and get committed to your future and quit passing up commissions..

To Your Success
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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