How do I use Your Eight Steps to make money with another program..??

One of our members just asked us this question, and it is the
most important marketing lesson we will ever teach you..

Every single marketer that makes 5+ Figures or more consistently
online, builds their email marketing list, because without the
follow up, you will never make anything..

And that is exactly what we teach you how to do in Your Eight

So as you build your email marketing list using the 8 steps, you
can follow up with your leads every single day using your
autoresponder, and share what ever you are promoting with
them..What you share with them is up to you..

Its your list..

So if you want to share xyz program with your list, you can..

If you have never watched this video, please watch it now, it
has helped thousands of other people..Just look at the comments
below the video on youtube and you will see..

I have over 15 years experience doing this stuff, and what we
teach you is proven, time and time again..I do not know anyone,
nor have I ever met anyone in those 15 years that has been
successful online, that was not building their email marketing

Despite whatever news you’ve heard…Or what you may think

Email marketing is not going away, if you do not have the means to
follow up with people over and over again, you will not make
anything.. And according to a publication released by DMA UK,
for every $1 you spend on emails marketing, you can expect an
average return of $32. This is why, it’s important that you
start building a list of subscribers, immediately!

I have people, that have become my dearest friends, some of them
have been on my list for over 13 years!! My partner in Your
Eight Steps, Brenda de Reus, this is how we became friends, she
was on my email list…

So again, this is how the 8 steps help you to build what ever
programs you want..

We use the Now LifeStyle autoresponder to teach you how, because
it is the best!!

We give you done for you lead capture pages, you connect with
some copy and paste in the steps..

And soon, Now LifeStyle is launching a full blown page creator
for the autoresponder, so you will be able to make campaigns for
what ever you want on the fly!!

We do not mess around with stuff that is not backed by a real
company, Now LifeStyle is a real company in Schertz, Texas, that
owns it’s own data center..They are in one of the most premier
technology parks there is in the US, in fact, one of Amazons
largest fulfillment centers is across the street!

Your Eight Steps teaches you the core of what you need to do, to
successfully make money with anything online, and you can apply
what you learn to do just that..

Remember my friend, it is the learning and mastering of the
right process that will set you free, not the opportunity it

Without the right process, no matter how good the opportunity
is, you will never make anything with it!

So, do not delay, log in and start the steps, and you will be 1
step closer to massive success with anything you want to promote!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus