YourEightSteps News And Updates


First off, we hope you are having a fantastic day!

Now for the news and updates:

1. Today Brenda finished putting the new email series in the members area, you can either go to the downloads area and click on the follow up letters.pdf and add them to your email series manually. Or go to step 4 and follow the video instructions for using the share code. Either way make sure to go through the letters, once you have done either, this way you are familiar with the content, and can alter anything you do not like.

2. We sent out emails the other day, we added trafficswirl to step 1, so if you have not joined yet, and filled in your id make sure to do so. P.S. make sure you have all your ids in place, do not want to miss out on any referrals or upgrades.

3. My Traffic building challenge, started yesterday..make sure to get in on will help your business really take off!! Check it out here:

4. Attention free members: On the upgrade page I believe it says we have 1 or 2 upgrades left at 59.95..We do not, thats a lie, we sold those out a long time ago, we just have not raised the price yet, so now is your chance to steal the upgrade at 59.95 lifetime/no monthly…because it is going up a very, very, very soon!! The new price will be 97.00. We keep adding more for our members, and working harder, we need to raise the price, this will also mean bigger commissions for you. And since we raised the price the last time, it actually increased upgrades, it lets people know there is more value in side.

5. Green Label is having a launch webinar tonight 08-06-13, you dont want to miss this, you can join Green label in step number 5 under your sponsor. Then register for the event here.

Hello Everyone please register for the Green Label Network Pre-Launch Webinar.

Aug 6, 2013 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time at:

log into youreightsteps:

Thats enough to cover for one day…
There’s always more to come!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

YourEightSteps Has A New Step 7…And Green Label Has Been Integrated!

YourEightSteps has a new step 7..And

Have you ever wanted to be involved in something really great from the beginning, before it became super popular??

How about a program that will be the next internet marketing giant…Get positioned NOW before the masses.

Done for you income funnels for some of the most popular programs online, Empower Network, Pureleverage, YourEightSteps, complete with turnkey splash and squeeze pages that absolutely Rock!

100% Payout, Reverse Roll-up – You Keep All Direct Commissions

Green Label Has Just Been Released, the most powerful all-in-one wordpress solution ever put together, BUILD ANY EXISTING PROGRAM ONLINE, create and share content with your downline in minutes! There has never been such a powerful complete automated system creating platform like this…

Get positioned now, in the beginning and drive your income through the roof!

Green Label was over three years in the making, this was not some just randomly thrown together system.

Go log into YourEightSteps, and get positioned under your sponsor, before I send this to your downline

And see how we have integrated Youreightsteps with Green Label, in the downline builder and shared content, **make sure to go to step 7 and check it out, one of the MANY ways Green Label will help you propel your business into the future of internet marketing! Make sure to watch the video in step 7…and you will see, a seed of what is possible..

Things Are A Happen’in!

2013 Will Be Your Year

Richard Weberg & Brenda de Reus
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Check Out These Cool Pages…Makes You want to SCREAM Conversion!

Totally awesome!!

This is what will be available to YourEightSteps Members soon…I told you we were going to rock this!!

Do not try to join from these, just click on them to see our dedication to our members, and see the examples of some we are setting up.

Some cool ass pages all created with Green label for Youreightsteps members!!
You will need to be a member of Green Label to use them, they will be fully integrated, easy share style! Redoing step 7 in YourEightSteps as we speak, this is going to totally explode!!
Plus you can create your own cool pages on the fly!! Nobody will touch this!
We will have instructions for using these and creating your own in step 7 soon. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

log in below, and join Green Label under your sponsor Now in step 5 so you will be ready to use these new pages as soon as they go live.

We now have a event calender, and our first live event!! Next Live Training Event 2:00 pm eastern/1:00 pm central, April 23rd Tuesday, See calendar in back office for more details..We are rock’in!


Richard Weberg & Brenda de Reus

P.S. please dont forget to like our brand new Facebook support page!