YourEightSteps~Grow Your Business At Lightning Speed!

Today we would like to let you know a few things about your business, and why YourEightSteps is like rocket fuel to really get it off the ground and moving fast.

1. Communication: We as owners of YourEightSteps, communicate with members on a regular basis, we keep you updated of every change. We also email your downline for you on your behalf, we encourage them to follow the system and join the programs underneath you.

**A Side Note, you want to make sure, that as a YourEightSteps member that you have all your IDS in place for all the programs and you are upgraded in YourEightSteps, because every email we send goes to all your downline, and if your ids are not in place you may lose out big time. Some of these programs pay pass up and down in depth, so if you pass on one super star because your ids are not in place, this may cost you literally THOUSANDS in residual commissions..

2. Affiliate tools: We are constantly adding to, and creating more marketing material for you and your downline, so you do not have to. Even our free members have access to more than any other program online.

** A Side Note, in fact we have just added another splash page for you, here is your link. Goes here)

3. List Building: We strive to help you build your email list bigger and faster, once again by providing you with the proper tools and material to do so.

**Side Note, we provide you with plug and play squeeze pages.(just add autoresponder code)

4. Bonuses: We give all our members bonuses for joining, in the form of product downloads. Also We have gone out of our way and used our connections to secure special upgrades and out right free traffic credits for our pro members.

**Side Note, If you have not upgraded yet, you are missing out, these special deals and free traffic credits are worth way more than what we charge for the one time 59.00 upgrade in Youreightsteps. (this price is going up very soon)

5. Help And Support: We are here to help you, we do not hide from you, we give you four ways to contact us.

a. Direct support form located in your members area.
b. Our Skype group, access from the members area.
c. Our Facebook support page.
d. Our Blog.

**Side Note, we answer everyone no matter how small a question, we want you to know we are here to help you. Also if you are not using skype to build your business, you are making a big mistake, it is one of the best tools for communicating with your partners and contacts. You can talk to anyone anywhere in the world for free via live talk or text instantly!

Just go to and download to your computer.

2013 really can be a life changing year for anyone, just log in and start following the steps, we will be here to help you.

There is no better system out there, and we are only going to improve, We challenge you to really go through each step and implement them and you will see.

P.S. Remember every email we send goes to your downline, they are going to read this..So take action, and do not lose out on commissions and referrals.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus