Your Eight Steps…remember us?

Yes, I know we have been quiet..

We have some very good news for you though..

First, we are altering the steps, removing some things, and adding some things..

We will still be teaching and helping you learn how to master marketing online completely step by step..

Everything we are changing will help you to take your income to a much
higher level! Those changes are coming soon, as they are almost finished..

Some parts we will release to everyone right a way, others will progress as we make the first new steps live..

So what you want to do right now in preparation of these changes, is to go a head and request to join our new private facebook group here:

We have a group skype chat for this in the past, but skype is to difficult to moderate, and has to many limitations..And more people use facebook then those that use skype.

This is a huge change in itself, because more people will be able to
interact with us everyday, and you will be able to engage with your
referrals much more easily..

We can not wait to share the new and improved steps with you!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Congrats to the leaders! November Monthly Leader board.

Thank you to all members who promoted Your Eight Steps, here is the leader board for the month of November. Congrats to the leaders!
November Monthly Leader board.

We reset this leader board each month, if your name is not at the top, now is the time to step on the gas, and become a Top Leader!!

November Monthly Leader board


Member Name Referrals
john worsham 70
Richard Weberg 46
Chris Elsom 18
austin ayang 15
Max Taylor 10
Dave Hayes 8
PerryJ GibsonSr 8
Jonathan Weberg 8
Dan Watson 7
Angela Porter 5
Thomas Turnbull 4
Steve Laycock 4
Alen Strahinec 4
Audrey Sorg 4
Christopher Woodward 3
Mark Stevens 3
Seely ClarkIV 3
amando aquino 3
taylor taua 2
John Simpson 2
Ronald Young 2
Miguel Rodrigues 2
Gary Estep 2
Fred Vandersteen 2
Daniel Swanson 2
Michael Carmona 2
Terrence Hopkins 2
Nick Hankey 2
Domenic Amato 1
Gary Sisler 1
Brenda deReus 1
Dang Huynh 1
Yvonne rioux 1
Pierre WDieudonne 1
saber chwaya 1
Doug Clarke 1
MahomedIqbal Fakir 1
Klaus Biesel 1
Kevin Clark 1
Mark Barton 1
Frances Buchanan 1
Rushitana Polepole 1
Wade Bednarek 1
william kayser 1
Josef Licka 1
Radford ParkerJr 1
DrKevin Rowe 1
Troy Wray 1
Nataliia Sakharuk 1

Thank you to all again, we appreciate all of you!

Happy Holidays my friends!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Goodbye Paypal!

Hello Solid Trust Pay and Payza, it’s time to move on and say
goodbye to Paypal!

What does this mean for us at Your Eight Steps..?

1. We will no longer except Paypal payments, or use them to pay
out commissions, in the future.

2. We canceled all Your Eight steps Paypal subscription payments,
so if you had an active subscription for the monthly pro or the
yearly, it has been canceled if it was through Paypal.

PayPal alone blocks access from over 60 countries, and many
credit card companies have similar restrictions. Some are blocked
for political reasons, some because of higher fraud rates, and
some for other financial reasons. Whatever the reason, we don’t
think an individual marketer from Haiti, Ethiopia, or Kenya
should have diminished access to making extra money because of
payment issues they can’t control. Our goal is to enable people,
not block them.

It is time to think beyond the normal box, and eliminate

Whats the solution?

It is time to spread ones wings, and branch out, and truly create
a world wide portfolio of income!

We are Opening the doors to the ENTIRE WORLD!!

1. We have Payza already set up. If you have an account all
ready, make sure and log into Your Eight Steps and put it in your
profile, so we can pay you commissions when their due.

When you save it in your profile make sure and put in your
current password, and in the confirm password box, then hit save.

If you do not have an account with them, go and sign up, and
follow their verification process, just like you did with Paypal,
when you signed up with them.

As with any payment processor, sometimes the verification process
can be a little tricky..Just do it..Unless you do not want to
make money online anymore?

A lot of the programs we all currently deal with will be using

2. Get a   account, and get it
verified. Make sure and log into Your Eight Steps and put your
SolidTrustPay username in your profile.

3. Bitcoin, will also be added very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Bitcoin is by far the most worldwide accepted means for a person to send payment anywhere in the world. It does not matter where you live, you can open a Bitcoin wallet, and pay someone else in minutes no matter where they live! You can even get a more local Bitcoin wallet, more suitable and tailored to the country you live in, but still send to anyone, anywhere in the world, because it does not matter where you live, all Bitcoin wallets recognize the transfer of payment and communicate with each other!

A truly world wide payment system, anyone can have and use!

If you have not upgraded yet, and started following the steps,
there has never been a better time to get those commissions rolling in!!

To your success my friends!!
Time to get a rock’in!
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

We have added two new programs to the Your Eight Steps downline builders..

In case you missed our last emails the last several weeks..
We have added two new programs to the Your Eight Steps downline builders..

So your going to want to run real quick and log in..

And go to the traffic exchange and banner & text ad exchanges downline builders
and join under your sponsor, and then make sure your referral ids are in place.

The two awesome programs we have added, are Surf Girl Traffic,
and 123 Leap Frog. Surf Girl traffic is owned by Acorn Marketing,
which are fellow Your Eight Steps members and good friends Bo Tipton
& Carol Walczak own.

123 Leap Frog is owned by long time loyal member and good friend,
Steve Laycock, both programs are totally awesome and you should really get on board!

Downline builders are a fantastic way to multiply and build residual traffic and commissions
without doing any extra work. See when you have followed our instructions in Your Eight Steps, you have the opportunity to build traffic, downline and commissions in 40 programs..every time you refer just 1 person.

Downline builders work! I have been on the top of leader boards before without ever directly promoting a program, because of downline builders like ours. I get multiple commissions from stuff, I do not even remember joining.

Because..I fill out the downline builders, and work the Your Eight Steps system..

You will always see my name some where on the top of our Your Eight Steps leader board, Your Eights has been responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in commissions in my pocket, because I work the system exactly as we share with you to do.

That’s why I keep referring people to Your Eight Steps, month after month..

If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t do it…

Time to get a rock’in my friends!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

The June Monthly Leader Board, thank you!

Congrats to everyone who is promoting, the Monthly Leader board for June! Great Job Mr. John Worsham..

June Monthly Leader board


Member Name Referrals
john worsham 44
Richard Weberg 34
David Best 22
Harold Pollard 17
Dan Watson 16
Steve Laycock 9
Richard Caples 8
Dave Hayes 7
Ronald Young 5
Angela Porter 4
JamesCorine Miller 4
Tennyson Ikpe 4
Dennis Snelgar 4
Brenda deReus 4
Audrey Sorg 3
Dusty Staggs 3
Join Silver 3
Tony Gibson 3
Mark Stevens 2
Marian Hornjak 2
craig smith 2
Gary Estep 2
Diana Grinyer 2
Lisa Baker 2
Mario Salerno 2
Krishna Narasimhan 1
Sandra Tibble 1
Martin Huber 1
Bo Tipton 1
Luis Zaragoza 1
Josef Licka 1
Cyril Ndikanwu 1
Ingvild MoeBehrens 1
John Bell 1
Kenneth Hairston 1
John Hammarbeck 1
Randy Sult 1
Cristiano Anjos 1
Richard Bebee 1
John Glover 1
Miguel Rodrigues 1
Jeff Knowles 1
David Griffiths 1
Jairo Silvera 1
Domenic Amato 1
Lydia Ridgeway 1
mickhail beckford 1
Beth Charron 1
Linda Wright 1
chris kelly 1
myriam toulelle 1
Nick Hankey 1
william Pitchford 1
anthea sparks 1
Luis Monteiro 1
James Byrd 1
Digokgwe Mokone 1

Thanks everyone for promoting, appreciate you all very much!!


Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

**New Program Added-To The Safelist Downline Builder

**Move quickly on this..
Brand New, and Recently Launched!

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Leased Ad Space

Over two years in the making..

Have you heard of 4 corners, GVO, Mobe, or Empower Network?

Well this will may be the next internet giant!

Timing..Get going now before the masses do..

This is unlike anything you have ever seen or promoted before.

Every single person, business, and entrepreneur trying to make money online
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Turn $7.00 Into A Endless Stream Of Instant Commissions, and
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See Leased Ad Space upfront make look like many other traffic platforms, but
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And so is the comp plan…

You do not want to miss this!
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P.S. Do not forget to add your username in the downline builder after joining.

To your success
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Here is the monthly leader board for May..

May Monthly Leader Board

Awesome job everyone, and thank you for promoting Your Eight Steps, we appreciate you all very much!
Great job Patrick, for being number 1! It’s always fantastic to see new names on the top of the list..

Member Name Referrals
john worsham 34
David Best 32
craig smith 23
John Bell 11
Steve Laycock 10
Richard Weberg 10
Domenic Amato 6
Richard Caples 6
Join Silver 5
Ronald Kennedy 5
Dan Watson 5
Mario Salerno 5
Brenda deReus 5
Klaus Biesel 5
Brent Sissel 4
Mark Stevens 4
Naomi Hill 4
Tony Gibson 4
David Todd 3
Ben Bailey 3
Fred Vandersteen 3
Harry Scott 3
Ronald Young 3
Linda Sapp 2
Seely ClarkIV 2
Lisa Baker 2
Angela Porter 2
Carol Walczak 2
Stanislaw Ziolkowski 2
Diana Grinyer 2
John Hammarbeck 2
David Green 2
Audrey Sorg 2
Dave Hayes 2
Marcy McManaway 1
Stan Gran 1
Susan McCook 1
John Glover 1
Judy Daus 1
Marian Hornjak 1
Ingvild MoeBehrens 1
Morimda Tassembedo 1
Ryan Hartman 1
anthea sparks 1
robin fraser 1
Heinz Spoerer 1
Sam Falcone 1
Cyril Ndikanwu 1
Frances Buchanan 1
Chris Elsom 1
Harold Pollard 1
Chris Arnell 1
bruce rohrer 1
Sandra Tibble 1
Reynold Modeste 1
Richard Bebee 1
Tom Beauchamp 1
Simon Colhoun 1
Steve Low 1
Gisela Beckermann 1
Adam Harris 1
Angelo Moss 1
Miguel Rodrigues 1
Reuben Glover 1
Luc Menard 1
Digokgwe Mokone 1
Mary Owens 1
Luis Zaragoza 1
Doyle Lord 1
Ernie Brown 1

To your success

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Thanks for promoting Your Eight Steps!

Thank you everyone for promoting Your Eight Steps, we appreciate you all very much, and Congratulations to John Worsham for being number 1 on the leader board for March!!

This Leaderboard is reset each month. We love seeing new names on it!

March Monthly Leader board

Member Name Referrals
john worsham 22
Mario Salerno 22
Steve Laycock 14
Dan Watson 13
Diana Grinyer 12
Chris Elsom 11
Homer Baker 11
Richard Weberg 11
Stanislaw Ziolkowski 9
Paulo Correia 9
Marian Hornjak 8
Angela Porter 8
Randy Sult 7
Ronald Young 7
Audrey Sorg 6
Marcy McManaway 6
Seely ClarkIV 5
Linda Sapp 5
Brenda deReus 5
Beth Charron 5
Ronald Miesner 4
Dave Hayes 4
Carol Walczak 3
Harry Scott 3
Join Silver 3
Dave VanTuyl 3
Mark Soliz 3
John Nelson 3
Miguel Rodrigues 3
Wayne Randall 2
Gloria Moore 2
Mark Barton 2
Sandra Tibble 2
Sheilah Mitchell 2
Juan Alvarado 2
Krishna Narasimhan 2
Barbara Arbster 2
Ge Mos 2
Muhammad Khan 2
Robbie Charlton 2
Lisa Baker 2
Frances Buchanan 2
Jakob Wezelenburg 1
Yusupha Darboe 1
Steve Derby 1
Philip Robillard 1
Linda Sorrow 1
Joan Beaulieu 1
John Hammarbeck 1
Will Chaster 1
David Jackson 1
Chris Arnell 1
Milan Stamenkovic 1
Laurel Landry 1
Sandy Mikulski 1
Doug Clarke 1
Troy Wray 1
Ben Bailey 1
Steve Hanzlik 1
Lydia Ridgeway 1
David Green 1
Marty Petrizza 1
Dave Young 1
Danielle Parsons 1
Nick Hankey 1
Michael Kustra 1
Doug Ravish 1
John Bell 1
David Todd 1
carl collymore 1
Sophie Papaconstantinou 1
Herdi Dewanto 1
Domenic Amato 1

 Again thank you all very much, you are the best!

To your success and happiness
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

Commissions have been paid & 2 new additions to the DLBS!

Just finished paying out everyone’s commissions..YEA..Awesome!

All commissions have been paid for period ending 03/15/2016  except for two people
who didn’t put their payment details in…. hate when that happens..So sent them an email

Thank you everyone as always for promoting Your Eight Steps, you are all the very best,
and we appreciate everyone of you very much!!

And if you have not started promoting it yet, we would love to pay you commissions as well:)

Next, we have added Adtroopers & Boxes of Traffic Mailer to the safelist downline builder.

Both owned by long time Your Eight Steps members!

Adtroopers has been around for years and has over 15,000
members. Adtroopers has recently been taken over by Acorn
Marketing… and Acorn Marketing are Bo Tipton and Carol
Walczak! Check out the great relaunch oto’s!

And Boxes of Traffic Mailer has recently been launched by
Doug Ravish. Doug has been a Your Eight Steps member from
the very beginning and knows how to grow a great site!

So log in now, and get your self some really great traffic to promote your offers with,
and join these two programs under your sponsor!

To your success and happiness
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

January Leader Board Results, Congrats Everyone!

It is Monthly Leader Board Time again, and here are the leaders for the month of January, we reset this board every 1st of the month (well sometimes a few days late, lol). Congrats to all members, Mario and Chris are tearing it up!! Way to go…We appreciate you all for promoting, we have the best team members in the world of internet marketing!! Mr Ben Baily has been inching higher and higher as well, way to go Ben…Again thank you everyone..

January Leader board

Member Name Referrals
Mario Salerno 84
Chris Elsom 72
Richard Weberg 44
Ben Bailey 33
Dan Watson 27
Seely ClarkIV 19
John Bell 18
Audrey Sorg 18
Gloria Moore 18
Ronald Young 14
Barbara Arbster 13
Miguel Rodrigues 12
Stanislaw Ziolkowski 10
Brenda deReus 9
Sam Falcone 8
Robert Hurd 7
Join Silver 7
Steve Laycock 7
bruce rohrer 6
Marcy McManaway 6
Paul Yeager 5
Ryan Hartman 5
Marian Hornjak 4
Ronald Miesner 4
Nick Hankey 4
Joseph Cheek 3
Mark Stevens 3
Neels Conradie 3
David Todd 3
Mark Barton 3
Wim Saelmans 2
Robbie Charlton 2
Bo Tipton 2
Paul Kinder 2
Lydia Ridgeway 2
Jakob Wezelenburg 2
Carol Walczak 2
john worsham 2
Ray Wizard 1
Dennis Snelgar 1
John Glover 1
Rob Gehring 1
Sandra Tibble 1
Richard Hobart 1
Beth Charron 1
David Jackson 1
Ronald Kennedy 1
Frances Buchanan 1
HariCharan Majhi 1
william Pitchford 1
Eldin Sadikovic 1
Alan Williams 1
Dennis Cochran 1
Karri DaltonHull 1
radmila hukic 1
Pavel Shtelmakh 1
Digokgwe Mokone 1
ancilla sullivan 1
Lynn Stevens 1
Ted KazmirekJr 1
Francisco Gomes 1
Harry Harrison 1
Gini Bond 1
Doug Ravish 1
Marcus Clayton 1

You guys and gals rock!

To your success and happiness
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus