How To Sky Rocket Your Commissions This Holiday Season

Hello, And Happy, well at least here in Northern Minnesota its cold!!! 35 below last night. Tonight is suppose to be 17 below 0.

Tonight We Just wanted to make members aware of a promotion from one of our main income programs in YourEightSteps….Because its a big one! Pureleverage has an affiliate contest that just started and Joel is paying $500 daily to the winner each day!

Basically here is how it works.
This contest is set on the person who brings in the most
resellers on a day basis.

Here are the rules:

1. There is only one winner per day. The top reseller for the day. However
you can win as many times as you want!

2. The minimum resellers is 4 per day. So basically the company collects
$19.97 x 4= $79.88 but he will pay out $500 WOW!! Again paid daily
to your payoneer card. (If you win on the weekend they will pay you Monday 🙂

And I believe the last three winners only had four each. So anyone can win..

So Does YourEightSteps Work To Build Downline In PureLeverage?
This is a screen shot of my inbox of the weekly payments I receive.

Also as a team, this should be a program that we all focus on, and make sure to convey to our downline the importance of joining. This is truly a fabulous program that pays HUGE commissions! And Joel is always incenticizing ways for us to make even more money..He always over pays..

So as a team in YourEightSteps all 4100 plus members, can you imagine the income growth for all of us if everyone joined??

So you should really get on board, log in and go to steps 1-3 and join under your sponsor with the dollar trial, then set up your campaign and start building your list(we provide you full instructions).

And here is an email swipe you can use to send to your list or send in safelist.

Subject: How To Sky Rocket Your Commissions This Holiday Season


Want to make 100% commissions for LIFE?

There is no way PureLeverage is slowing down!

>>>> When They launched, They paid their first million dollars
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>>>> In April they gave away a $200 000 Ferrari F430 Spyder!

>>>> In May they gave away some AWESOME Dream Vacations to
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>>> They have given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash
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Yes.. Pureleverage is new and is exploding but the best part
is it is backed by a nearly 15 year old company financially called GVO.

So even though it is the newest and by far the most amazing opportunity
on the planet… you can be sure that when you put your efforts into this company
they will be around for the long haul.

Which means totally amazing residual and passive income for life!!

The company is paying out an unheard of 100% commission on real
products that every person needs online..

>> 100% commissions on our auto responder (worth the value alone)
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These are products that everyone needs EVERYONE which
makes them “sticky”, meaning people use them and you get
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Unlike other companies, we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back
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you can get a full refund with no questions asked!

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See you in the members area!


(Your Name)

Stay warm everyone
Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus
Ps.Video from yesterday if you missed it, well really audio..

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