Congratulations to the following Your Eight Steps members!

I just got done paying people commissions, people
who are promoting Your Eight Steps, are making
money folks, and building 40 plus income streams.
Congratulations to the following members who all
were just paid! And yes we are on the list because
we get paid the same way you do, by following the

1      Richard Weberg
2       Gloria Moore
3       Mario Salerno
4       Steve Laycock
5       Carol Walczak
6       Ronald Young
7       Rebecca Stamer
8       Dave Barker
9       Drew Hilton
10      Brenda deReus
11      Frances Buchanan
12      Adrian Whitworth
13      Stan Gran
14      Chris Elsom
15      Dave Hayes
16      Jay Saletra
17      Jakob Wezelenburg
18      Tony Tezak
19      Dan Martin
20      Martina Hubaer
21      Laura Dews
22      Jay Fjeldsted
23      MIke Morgan
24      Marcy McManaway
25      Sandra Tibble
26      Marian Adair
27      Judy Daus
28      John Bell
29      Ted KazmirekJr
30      Samuel Boydston
31      JamesA PrinceakaTheShadow
32      Bridget Malone

Success, comes to those who want it, and go after
it, we give you a step by step system, very easy
to set up with clear instructions..

We teach you how to build a massive email list and
build residual traffic and commissions.
Our members are at the top of many leader boards
in programs across the internet, time after time,
you see the names of Your Eight Steps members in

The list above is forever changing, sometimes
there is more people, sometimes less people, some
of those names remain constant we pay them
commissions every month, all year long..Why is
Why do so many people fail to make money online?

Because they stop…Yep, this is the biggest
reason why so many people fail online to make any
real money.

They give up at the most critical times, when they
should have pushed forward. Most peoples break
through moments will come when they are ready to

Most people do not do enough of the right things
long enough..

The ones that keep going will be rich! That’s why I
am still here 12 years after starting, I didn’t know what
the word quit was.

Now it is your turn to write your own success

Log in now to Your Eight Steps, take action, and start writing your

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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