Can 20% make you wealthy…?

Yes, around 20% of your marketing will make you
wealthy..What do I mean?

Ever heard the 80/20 rule….?? It states that 20% of
all the people at your job do 80% of the work, this
rule is most of the time really accurate. I seen this
all the time at my all jobs when I use to work one.
You had your people who cried and moaned about every
task they were assigned to do, and tried to get by
doing as little as possible, then some were a little
more motivated and then there were the real workers,
go-getters, who could not stand to sit around doing
nothing and excelled at their job, these are the ones
that become leaders and get promoted often.

Well it is no different online, one of the reasons why
there are so many people who fail with it, 80% of the
people who are trying to market online, really never
even get started, its to much work, or they do not
want to invest in their OWN business…They are the
ones you see all the time, join programs and do
nothing with them, they are the ones you see in your
downline who never even log in..

The good news is, you only need 20% of the people you
sponsor to do anything, yep and that’s all it takes to
create real wealth online!!!

Now I sent out an email on Friday morning to some
people titled “Why Did You Join YourEightSteps??”, a
lot of people might have found this email really harsh
or even were down right offended by it.

There is one thing I am very known for, and it is for
telling people the truth and not bullsh*tting them,
about what it will really take to make a real income
online..See I do not want to fill your head with false
ideas, I want to move people to take action, for them
selves, if they do not they really are wasting their
time and should be doing something else, because there
is no point. I am not afraid to raise some feathers,
because I truly do care about people, and if that is
what it takes sometimes to get someone moving, then
thats fine.

Through YourEightSteps, I really want to change the
80/20 rule, not for my own sake, I have already done
this for over ten years, I am doing just fine. I
really feel peoples pain, I know exactly where people
are coming from. I lost everything I owned before,
EVERYTHING, I moved my family into welfare housing,
eventually my wife of 15 teen years even divorced me
because she could not take the severe poverty we were
in. We had one car left that we drove until over
500,000 miles, because the bank took all the rest. I
use to have to fix it almost every week in the parking
lot, and sometimes that was in 25 to 50 below 0
temperatures because that is what I had to do to get
by. My wife ended up cheating on me and we divorced.

I started internet marketing shortly before we
divorced, my ex-wife use to laugh at me…Get
this..She actually thought I was very stupid, she
wanted me to put in or divorce decree that if I ever
made it big in internet marketing that she got a
percentage of my money..Now thats hilarious, I was in
the negative when we divorced..And she was the one
that gave up not me..

Its those things that got me through the difficult
times, those laughs. I vowed to myself I would make
it, and never ever give up.

So my whole point in telling you all this, Is I can
pretty much understand anyones circumstance, and the
reason I made it to this point is I never made excuses,
never blamed anyone else for my failures I excepted
them and moved on.

My greatest mentors in life have always been the ones
who were the hardest on me, and I knew they were hard
on me because they cared. I did not start off in life
being a 20% person, I was one of the 80%, until I met
a guy named Byron Greenwaldt in my early twenties, so
I know people can change cause I did. Byron was very
hard on me, he never excepted my excuses, he ignored
my complaints and he pushed me to do more. I would
tell him stuff I got accomplished, and he would always
be like wow, thats it?… He would say you can do
more, quit wasting my time, this pushed me to exceed,
I wanted him to be proud of me, but at the same time
almost hated the guy, but after a while, when I did
really push myself and realized hey I really can do
more, I learned to love the guy, and he is responsible
for changing my whole thinking, attitude and work

I learned how to become a 20% person…My email I sent
Friday Morning, was wrote out of love. Love for the
people and wanting to help more people become a 20%, I
do not except the 80/20 rule..We can change as people,
whe can do more, we can all become leaders, we can
change our lives and make them better, but if we can
not get started we can not move forward.

“A Thing In Motion Tends To Stay In Motion”

We are a team striving after one goal, that everyone
succeeds, and no one gets left behind!

We have a goal and a vision to help as many people as
we can, but we can not help people who can not help

We are a team..

“WE are building YourEightSteps as a team” And
Together we will win!

I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I
defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team,
not the individual, is the ultimate champion.

Only when YOUR NAME is in lights will we win!

We are a 100% committed to your success…We have been
working diligently on making YourEightSteps the best
online system the internet has ever seen!

We will continue to strive to make it even better.

The YourEightSteps Team members will be on top of the
leader boards, this is guaranteed to happen, the only
question left is do you want to be one of them?

YourEightSteps Team members are the committed ones,
you see their names and faces everywhere, they are
true leaders who are willing to do what ever it takes
to succeed! We are very proud of our members, and are
very glad to have each and every one of you on The
YourEightSteps Team.

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus


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