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Richard Weberg

Hello, my name is Richard Weberg. Minnesota (USA)

I have been marketing online since 2003. I have also owned and operated many brick and mortar businesses over a period of 14 years, mostly in the retail market. Over the past 15 years I have invested a vast amount of time and money in my business education, my area of expertise is in business finance and marketing. I turned to internet marketing in 2003 because our local economy was literally in the toilet! My first two years I started marketing online, I didnt have a pot to piss in, I was actually bankrupt, I lost my retail businesses, my house, my cars, everything (even my wife, she couldnt take the poverty). The economy here where I lived absolutely tanked! The mall where one of my stores was became a barren wasteland. I was actually living in subsidized housing, but the one thing I never cut back on was investing in my self or my internet business, I kept plugging away. What I did instead, was quit drinking pop, coffee, turned off my cable and everything else I could live with out, and said, alright, now the rest is up to me, I will never quit until I make this work....period!

Marketing online in my opinion is much more rewarding and offers the freedom over time restraints that a traditional business has. I have enjoyed my online marketing very much. It took me two years of jumping from business to business banging my head against the wall before I figured out how to profit online. You are not alone there is a solution.

Hi, my name is Brenda de Reus.

I have been marketing online since 2011. That doesn't seem very long and it isn't, but I learned a lot along the way: ) When I first started I was surprised about all the hype and nonsense out there. Then I came across one of Richard's blogs and I subscribed to his list. I have followed him in some programs he wrote about and always enjoyed his way of writing. NO hype, NO nonsense! Then end of 2012 we started talking on skype and sharing some ideas. And early 2013 he asked me to become his partner at Your Eight Steps. And I'm very proud of that!

I know together we can help a lot of people get started and share a lot of information other programs don't tell you about. With a good no nonsense program and great support!

Brenda de Reus


"Your Eight Steps to Change Your Life"

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